Month: February 2019

Words Matter

It was 6:45 a.m. and I took my first sip of the freshly brewed cup of coffee. The minute it splashed my taste buds, my brain switched on. I dipped a square of dark chocolate into the coffee, then delightfully bit off a semi-melted portion. A quiet “ahh” escaped my mouth. My mom, sitting next to me, read aloud. This is our morning ritual, by the way–a Bosnian one to start the day. We drink coffee slowly and chat about life, books, plans for the upcoming day.

Beware: This Post Contains a Cliche & Some Goals

The soothing sound of rainfall is in the background as I write this. Dimmed lights and my eyes are half shut because I am dog-tired . . . but come on! How do you pass up this opportunity to write? There is something about rain and gloomy days, or that quiet part of the evening when every soul is fast asleep and it feels like only you and the moon are awake. I’d argue that besides sleeping, it is the most compelling time for writing, but feel free to defend your case against this argument in the comments below.

Why “Quirky?” Quirky is FUN–different! We are two women who are QUIRKY–FUN–DIVERSE–TALENTED!

The world is different and viewing it through a “quirky” lense makes life more fun, and hey, more bearable at times and . . . quirky means UNconventional. Why are so many still looking at the world in only “conventional” terms?