Is “Stupid” the Right Word?

Is “Stupid” the Right Word?

When I hear someone make a comment that opposes my worldview, there is immediately a feeling of irritation because they dared to think differently than me. How do they not see that they are wrong?

I want to cry out, “That’s stupid!” Even worse, in some moments, there is an urge within me to call them stupid for not being able to see the world the same way as I do.

I resort to that one word “stupid” because insulting their intellect is an easier and cheaper way to feel in some way superior. And this may stem from some distant, subconscious belief that my worldview is the correct one because it is mine. I can sense my ego rising and falling as I type these words. 

In a perfect world, after hearing an opposing opinion, every single time, I’d pause and come up with more fitting words to explain how and why I see it differently.

Sometimes I wish we could exchange our worldviews like pairs of eyeglasses. When we are curious about why the other person is saying something that opposes our understanding, we’d exchange our eyeglasses, and it would all be clear. But perhaps that would be as cheap and easy as the word “stupid.” 

Mining for the right words to demonstrate and communicate more vividly our understanding of the world is a slower but far more rewarding process. 

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