Me? A writer? But…

Me? A writer? But…

“You write, so you are a writer,” one published author proclaimed to me confidently as I explained to her my hesitancy to call myself a writer.

“That is true,” I replied with a wide grin, experiencing one of those “aha” moments.

I write, so I am a writer for crying out loud. A writer. Yes. It felt good to hear it said out loud, to have someone else affirm it.

And she made it sound so simple, but it is that simple.

I do not have to wait until I am published or discovered to award myself that title. Being a writer does not mean that everything I write will always be perfect. It does not mean that I will never make a grammatical mistake or misspell a word. It does not mean that I will never write a crappy first draft. It does not mean that I have to have every word in the dictionary memorized. I do not have to wait until I reach some imaginary level of perfection to call myself a writer.

Big-name writers also had struggles, made mistakes, wrote less than perfect first drafts, had doubts… I am learning that it is all part of the process.

And what matters more is my dedication to the art of writing, passion for learning, persistence, and consistency.

Even more importantly, thank you, dear reader, for reading what I write.

Your quirky writer,

Sanida Palavra Wolfe

2 thoughts on “Me? A writer? But…”

  • Nina,

    This is so true. I’ve seen many conversations on social media about when it’s okay for people to officially call themselves a writer. I’ve seen people say that simply writing doesn’t make you a writer. You have to be published. You have to win awards. I disagree. You write and therefore you are a writer.

    Big name writers still have to do the work. They still have to edit. They still have the same struggles as everyone else. I think it’s very important to recognize that.

    Awesome article, Nina.

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