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Rarely do we take a normal picture together . . .

Michele LeNoir & Ninah Nova welcome you to their little corner of the internet, where they, quirky, undiscovered wordsmiths share about, well… Writer related st…Stuff? You gotta love that word, stuff. It can mean anything, really. But enough about that, meet Michele and Ninah:

Biologist, according to one dusty diploma, but truly just a wanna-be gardener. Coffee addict by some accounts. Respectfully, I’d disagree, just a person with a habit of drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. That’s normal, right? Some would also describe me as a grandma stuck in a young woman’s body. Nah! I mean, I do like to stay up late on Friday nights knitting and watching Earth’s Natural Wonders. So what?! Many young people do that, right? I’d say I am a little bit of everything, but mostly one friendly, curious human. The core of all of my beliefs can be summed up with a quote from Maya Angelou, “The human heart… tells us that we are more alike than we are unalike.”

Sanida Palavra Wolfe
@quirkysapien on Twitter

Eclectic, conservative liberal, wishes-she-was-more-fit health freak, teacher of many subjects, child of a loving God, one who loves writing and her family–which is made up of a beautiful, diverse group of people, most of whom are not biologically related . . . this is what first comes to mind as I consider this author bio. As an “author,” and I believe all people are writers, my best writings have been letters of recommendation for my many wonderful students. I have many philosophies for life–they all center around being kind and sharing love; they all involve being ever-cognizant of humanity.

Michele LeNoir
@MicheleLeNoir2 on Twitter