Beware: This Post Contains a Cliche & Some Goals

Beware: This Post Contains a Cliche & Some Goals

The soothing sound of rainfall is in the background as I write this. Dimmed lights and my eyes are half shut because I am dog-tired . . . but come on! How do you pass up this opportunity to write? There is something about rain and gloomy days, or that quiet part of the evening when every soul is fast asleep and it feels like only you and the moon are awake. I’d argue that besides sleeping, it is the most compelling time for writing, but feel free to defend your case against this argument in the comments below.

Wait, where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah, pardon my bad manners. I should welcome you first. Welcome! After all, this is the first time we are meeting, a first blog post by me, Sanida Palavra. I’ll spare you any biographical details, you can check out the About Us  page, and you may learn there about a couple of my quirks.

Michele–a dear friend, writing partner, and mentor of mine–explained beautifully in the previous post why we chose to name this blog “2Quirky.”  And to add to it, the goal of this blog will be to share our writings, to offer our thoughts on writing and the publishing process, and to explore our own humanity with all of you.

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