Book Review of “Leaving Lisa” by Jackson Coppley

Book Review of “Leaving Lisa”  by Jackson Coppley

Clever. Leaving Lisa is a cleverly woven story that is suspenseful, with technology that seems realistic. Part suspense, part sci-fi, part romance, part family drama. It was so engaging that I read it all in one evening.

Throughout the novel, I was rooting for the main character, Jason, to “come of a new age.” Jason is a male who is too sure of himself who loved a woman who humbled him. From the start, there’s obviously more beneath the surface of his ego. Losing his spouse takes him on quite a journey–literally and figuratively.

I ordered a soft-backed copy (still prefer old school) after reading a few pages of Leaving Lisa on It did not disappoint. I’m not the greatest fan of Amazon these days, given that more and more businesses are closing because of them, but the site does allow for people to read a few pages of most books they sell for free. And I suggest readers give those free few pages a try for this one. I left a review of Leaving Lisa with five stars AND a rating of “R” for risque. A man obviously wrote this. In some instances, men really don’t understand what many women consider “romantic”. Oh, well. Still, this is a nice read!

And I, like Sanida Palavra, was surprised to find myself enjoying a sci-fi. As she said in her previous blog, one never knows simply by the genre whether or not it might appeal to one’s taste, though as writers, it is always wise to “try on” something new.

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