Call for Humanity

Call for Humanity

My heart is bleeding, and I’m pleading people to pause and reflect. I am begging people before they spew hateful comments and attack one another to recognize each other’s humanness.

All I see is division, anger, and pain in the news. Perhaps, I should turn off the news, but I see the same on the streets. The pain and anger are palpable everywhere you turn. And I don’t blame anyone. There is plenty to be angry about today. But I wish we could turn this anger into something more productive and positive. I wish it would motivate us to cooperate and re-imagine the world we live in instead of tightly holding onto antiquated solutions to current problems.

When did we forget that we belong solely to one tribe: humanity? When did we forget that we are all one?

I saw today a comment saying that cops are not the problem. Okay, but what makes one think that black people are the problem? Why are so many people shot before they are even proven guilty? And even if guilty, why should they be killed, treated so inhumanely? If we believe all lives matter, then why don’t we value them equally? If we can imagine that police officers have families and loved ones, why can we not see that a black man or woman has loved ones, too? We are all someone’s daughter, son, brother, or sister. Why can’t we see that?

Suppose we have family or friends who are police officers. Why can’t we simultaneously appreciate them and be critical of the system, the environment they work inside? Why do we have to choose sides? How can we remain quiet when we see a whole community of our fellow citizens living in fear and pain? How can we blame them for feeling angry after centuries of oppression?

I saw today people calling each other names and cursing one another in the comments section. It is such a lazy way to communicate. When will we learn to have difficult civilized conversations about nuanced issues?

We have to have learned by now that more violence and more division will only further enrage and divide us to the point that we will forget to see humaneness in one another.

How much human blood needs to be spilled before we learn to talk to one another non-violently? How much human blood needs to be spilled before we understand that we are all one, connected at the core?

You may scoff at me and call me naive, but as a fellow human, your friend, I am begging you to pause and reflect.

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