Letter #2: Girl, finally writing back!

Hello, Sanida!

I took your recommendation and read, Girl, Stop Apologizing. You’re right—she reveals a lot of tendencies women have of making excuses, apologizing for trivial matters, and she points out reasons why women don’t reach their personal goals.

When will women stop taking on the role of being the main nurturers? Taking care of the needs of others before their own needs? And stop solely defining ourselves as spouses, daughters, and mothers? I’m fortunate in that I have always known to expect equity in my relationships in life, but I still recognize the tendency to think I’m ultimately responsible for the success of others.

A great quote from Rachel Hollis I took to heart: “Embracing the idea that you can want things for yourself even if nobody else understands the whys behind them is the most freeing and powerful feeling in the world.”

Yep. A lot of people don’t understand my need to get published. After all, Michele, you had a successful career. You should just relax and enjoy life.

Well, no, I can’t. And I’m going to stop explaining this. My past successes are in the past. They were about helping others achieve their successes. I need a purpose for myself for my present life. Yes, I’ll keep helping others. It’s important, and it brings me joy. And publishing Hear Our Voices! is about helping others be understood.

But that dream to be a published author is also about a personal goal. One I will not let go.

Thanks, Sanida, for a great book recommendation! What else have I been reading? Well, every current, major book on how to get published! Especially about writing book proposals. Perhaps that will be the topic of my letter to you soon.


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