My reACTION to Sanida’s post, “Words Matter”

Since my first year of teaching high school, I have met many Muslim students and their families. Most very conservative. It’s my belief that there is one God and that different cultures have different ways to connect with God. Muslim is one way. It’s important to respect the opinion of others, right? How do I defend responding, “That’s just not right!”? I’ve spent a lot of time researching the answer.

The United Nations offers me the best answer. One of their eight goals is that gender equality is a fundamental human right. When any group or religion restricts a fundamental right, then we all must speak up.

It’s not just the Muslim sect. It’s all religions. And I’m glad that Sanida knows that some of the interpretations of the religious texts are crap. Crap that gives men false “rights” to treat their spouses inhumanely.

What is most bothersome? That many (most?) religious leaders twist and turn facts and the word of God. For my next blog, I’ve decided to offer a reACTION to a favorite of mine: Ten Lies the Church Tells Women. We Christian women fight the same battles.

All women fight the same battles. . . .

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