On Beauty

On Beauty

After I carefully mask all of my flaws, I observe myself as someone compliments my appearance. The positive feedback is intoxicating. Drunk from feeling temporarily superior in some way, I notice myself forgetting that they are complimenting my shell, the deliberately edited beautiful exterior. And then when alone, once the mask is taken off, noticing all that is flawed, a sobering realization slaps me in the face: the beautiful exteriors are fleeting.

And this is not to say that it is a sin to accept or to give a kind compliment related to physical appearance. No. It is only to say that we as a society should not put such great emphasis on beautifying the exterior while neglecting the interior. The outer shell is fragile; it can crack and get beaten up over time. The interior, composed of character and soul, is longer lasting and defining of one’s beauty. To look beautiful is one thing, but to be beautiful is something else.

Sanida Palavra

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