REaction to Sanida’s Book Review & More

REaction to Sanida’s Book Review & More

Currently, I am reading The Wrong End of The Table; it is a delightfully humorous book that is also an eye-opener for a USA-born person like myself. And of course, Sanida Palavra has written a lovely review of Ayser Salman’s work.

Today, I had planned to review a novel I recently read–one of many I, like Sanida Palavra, purchased at Bowling Green, Kentucky’s BookFest. But I found myself working as an unpaid Life Coach with five (individually with each) of my former refugee students. Until 4:00 this morning, my agenda had only consisted of writing a blog post, playing catch with Lateef, and landscaping. Life changes. While taking a break from Google-doc-ing with one young man to clear my head and pull weeds, I began to think again about a book for which I continue to search for these young people who are former refugees here in the USA. It dawned on me–I will have to write this book. Just for them, not for publication or to receive accolades for myself, although I will receive a break of sorts from repeating myself.

What should it look like?

Perhaps ten short chapters:

Who to Trust (They do not realize when coming here that not all Americans are trustworthy!)

What College Is Best (Only two sets of parents went to school beyond 3rd grade, and they do not understand the vast choices of colleges.)

The Timing of Applying to Colleges/Scholarships

Part-time Jobs (Which are best for high school and college students?)

How to Advocate for Myself within My Family (who love them and support their desires to go to college, but again, do not understand they cannot do so and also work to help pay family bills while cooking and caring for their younger siblings)

Well, that’s five chapters. What do our readers think? What does my blog partner think? Another idea that just came to mind: asking others. Also asking them to contribute. Hmm. My mind is reeling again. Isn’t it amazing how ideas formulate once we take them to pen and paper? Free writing. I have missed you.

Excuse me, 2quirky Michele has more to do.

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