Religious Lies Told to Women

Religious Lies Told to Women

Verses from a religious book yanked out of context. They have been a source of aggravation since I can remember, having grown up in a “stern” Christian household.

“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as . . .” begins Ephesians 5:22. From there, a list of what a wife must do. But also a list of what a husband must do. Still, it used to be difficult to articulate how these words falsely created the idea that women are supposed to “obey” and that females are inferior.

Nearly twenty years ago, I found the book Ten Lies the Church Tells Women. In my reACTION to Sanida’s blog post, Words Matter, I found myself revisiting it yet again. Anyone looking for a book that intelligently presents the fact that God intended women and men to be equal, and which is respectful of Christianity, might want to add this one to their shelves. Or a laptop. Or audible play list. . . .

It’s one thing to know that equality for all is right. That a loving God would view us all as equal in deserving respect and love. It’s another to be able to verbalize this well.

Ten Lies focuses on the lies “the church” tells women regarding the limits imposed on leadership roles, careers, and preaching. Also incorrect are how women are portrayed as weak and how they should view their role in their marriages. Overall, it puts into context that God created women as equals–equally loved and equal to men.

Two hundred pages, ten chapters, easy to read. Most importantly, it offers those verses some of us have heard that try to “put us in our place” in context and explains how some men have manipulated the word of God for their own purposes.

Some men are good at this. Some women need to be less trusting.

I was curious to see what the author, J. Lee Grady, has been writing since this book. That was another surprise. One I’ll save for another day.

Until then, check out Ten Lies. And if there’s another book that accomplishes these goals that you’ve read, please share that with me.

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