The Elusive Tomorrow

The Elusive Tomorrow

Today I spent yet another day cleaning already clean baseboards, scrolling through inspirational quotes, and making countless cups of coffee. And before I know it, I will fall asleep convincing myself that I simply had no time to work on my to-do list today. 

But tomorrow . . . Oh, tomorrow is the day when I will write a book, pick up a new language, read a couple of books, exercise, and then meditate without distractions for hours. 

Today, though, I am an average, procrastinating human. But tomorrow, I will evolve into a superhuman who will be unbelievably productive and will accomplish all of her goals overnight. 

Yeah, right! 

In the pre-COVID19 world, I had a schedule brimming with activities. I often fantasized about a week or even a month when I would have no distractions or obligations and could sit and focus solely on writing and reading. I imagined how I would meditate, eat my salad, write, and read for hours on end. As a result, I pictured myself glowing with health and wisdom, full of joy. 

Fast forward to a month after sheltering in place, and I have achieved none of what I visualized. Instead, I find myself squandering time on social media platforms, baking sweets, and doing anything else other than writing. 

I do not intend to equate our productivity with our worth. We do not have to be continuously in a go-go mode. If anything else, I am a massive proponent of naps and lazy Sundays. I mean, we all need a break here and there. But at the same time, I now realize that the issue is not always in the available time. The problem lies in our willingness to push ourselves past uncomfortableness. If I want to work on something, today is as good of a day to start on it as ever.

Tomorrow will be a great day, I am sure, but today is even better.

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