Those Pesky Grammar Articles

I officially proclaim the indefinite and the definite articles as my main enemy in the writing process. In my mother tongue, the Bosnian language, these articles do not exist. Therefore, somewhere in my brain, they seem unnecessary.

During the initial years of learning the English language, I was like an Oprah with articles. I would generously throw them around, gifting the articles to an every a word. Do you see what I mean? Then, as one of my teachers called me out for this generosity, I became self-conscious. That’s when I started using articles more parsimoniously to the point where I would deplete most words of their partners.

Today, I am more accustomed to the proper use of articles. Occasionally, I still forget they exist or become a little too excited with them, but usually, I put them in their well-deserved places.

Either way, thank God for friends who have a deeper understanding of English grammar.

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