Thoughts About This Week’s Thoughts

Thoughts About This Week’s Thoughts

Imagine sitting in a room. You are tied to a chair that is locked to the floor. And you notice the walls slowly but surely inching closer and closer towards you. Your whole body enters fight-or-flight mode, but there is nowhere to flee and no way to fight the inevitable.

Well, that is precisely how this week felt. Each new headline, each new report of coronavirus (COVID-19), meant the proverbial walls closing in a little further. And while the world has slowed down significantly, my racing thoughts only picked up speed.

Mind you, as a wannabe stoic, I was the same person who preached to a friend a couple of weeks ago about equanimity. We have to do what is in our power and accept that which we cannot control, I had explained feeling smug.

The news of the global pandemic, however, made me realize that I have plenty of internal work left to do before I reach the much-desired equanimity. And similarly, I feel that this pandemic has really made everyone, at a global level, to pause and reflect.

In more cheerful world news, there are reports of pollution decreasing in China and India, and water in Venice canals have cleared up for the first time in . . . forever. There has also been a flood of solidarity and compassion globally in response to the current situation. It, to me, demonstrates perseverance and kindness, which is at the heart of the human spirit.

While there is no need to romanticize the calamity that has befallen us, could we maybe draw a lesson out of this? And perhaps searching for a sliver of hope and positivity in this whole ordeal is my way of coping with these uncertain times. Well, that and chugging down coffee and organizing my thoughts on paper, because I really have no more excuses left not to write. Quite literally, all I have now left to do is to sit at home and write.

How are you coping with the current situation?

Until next post, subscribe to our blog, stay at home, and stay safe, sane, and healthy, my friends!

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