Why “Quirky?” Quirky is FUN–different! We are two women who are QUIRKY–FUN–DIVERSE–TALENTED!

Why “Quirky?” Quirky is FUN–different! We are two women who are QUIRKY–FUN–DIVERSE–TALENTED!

The world is different and viewing it through a “quirky” lense makes life more fun, and hey, more bearable at times and . . . quirky means UNconventional. Why are so many still looking at the world in only “conventional” terms?

Isn’t that just a nice way of saying “all white, all privileged, all heterosexual, all Christian-is-the-only-way?” Some people think it’s “quirky” that I believe all the many faiths in the world are simply many paths to the same God . . . but they are. Some people think it’s “quirky” that I love everyone! (Okay, not sociopaths, but they’re not always obvious. . . ) Yes, I’m white, heterosexual, a Christian, but not privileged–who taught over 2,000 students in her lifetime who were so diverse! Teachers who say they love their students? How do they not embrace all those diverse personalities?!

My Little quirkinesses are . . .

that it takes me three days to drink my dairy-free chai, that I was twenty-nine years of age for a while (my twenty-something-year-old daughter just insisted I “turn” thirty-nine–bummer), that I actually am ageless, that I think women look better without makeup/injections/etc (but I can’t throw out my mascara just yet), that my friends range in age from twenty to eighty-somethings–I learn from all of them! (Esp my dear Sanida Palavra, a former student nearly a decade ago! Now a friend and writing partner!) That my friends are all-over-the-place diverse. That I have huge goals and despite not having a really high IQ or “knowing people,” I know I’ll eventually reach them? That I left over two decades of teaching, a career I loved, to take a chance to reach some personal goals? Yep, and so much more. And the quirkier a person is, the more I enjoy spending time with her/him! Quirky makes my mind more creative–my writing more creative, even though my topics are serious.

Is it quirky to be opinionated?

I’m really opinionated–that we have to be more humane. That’s the only similarity all of us should embrace.

We’re all quirky. I don’t want to “fit in” and go with the flow of others . . . So here goes, here’s my first BLOG post, my admission that I’m quirky . . . and let my thoughts and hopes flow through the mystical transmitters of this social media . . .

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